Activities & Clubs

Art history
In this original course, your children are introduced to the basics of art and the world's great artists and sculptors. Material is presented in a game format, working in small groups. Each lesson finishes with fun creative work for your young student, such as canvas drawing. Our instructor is a professional artist and a graduate of art university. For children from three and a half years old and older.
Art in English
In our Creative Arts workshop, students learn to use their creative imagination via crafts. Children learn perseverance and persistence
as they create and transfer their efforts to paper. The class teaches design, painting, and applique, and is taught by English-speaking teachers.
Baby Club
Lesson for children from 1 year old with their parents. Children learn the basics of communication with their peers. The class employs interesting lessons to facilitate communication, and is taught by our resident child psychologist. Activities are of short duration and changed every fifteen minutes. This class will help prepare your child for successful entry into the kindergarten. Class duration is ninety minutes.
English Club
Help your child develop a strong foundation in the English language, via our classes taught by native speakers and employing the Oxford Early Childhood program. Classes involve a variety of learning activities to sustain the student's interest.
Music English
A course for budding musical talents, learning in small groups of up to five students. Your child will learn the basics of musical literacy, presented in a game format. English songs are presented. The class is available in both English and Russian language and is for children from three and a half years old and older.
Lay the foundations for musical literacy in a fun and easy way, giving children the incentive and confidence to continue in the musical arts. Lesson format is individual instruction and available in both English and Russian language.
Children discover and explore the joy of movement as they develop body awareness through creative games, stretches, and beginning dance elements. Group and individual lessons available.
Martial arts
A fun introduction to beginner martial arts for preschoolers ages 3.5 to 7. Through drills, skills and games, this class teaches the moves, curriculum and protocol students need at the start of their journey towards black belt. Students also learn important values like self-control, focus, confidence, self-esteem, assertiveness, teamwork, manners, respect and attitude.


Single Class Visit

60 minutes
1 000o
individual lessons with a native speaker
English / French
60 minutes
2 000o
individual lessons with a native speaker
Psychology / Speech Therapy
60 minutes
2 000o
of Class Visits
10 lessons/
30 days
8 500o


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